Prague gay pride 2014


PRAGUE – one of my favorite places to visit! is getting ready for PRIDE.

The 4th edition of the Prague Pride festival will take place from Monday 11 until Sunday 17 August, with the Parade and main concert & outdoor party on Saturday 16 August. The main theme will focus on Prague being a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe.

The Czech Republic remains the most tolerant country of the former Eastern Bloc, which is reflected by its Pride event, which is the biggest and most open LGBT festival of the region. However further East many gays and lesbians face persecution by their government and extremist groups in their societies. This is why Prague Pride decided to support them by giving them an opportunity to attend this year’s Prague Pride parade virtually. They will be able to connect to a secured website, which will be launched shortly. Here people can choose a person physically present in Prague, who will represent them in the Parade. These „live avatars“ will join the Parade on their behalf and share messages, photos and short videos from the Prague Pride Parade through an easy mobile application. Those who do not enter the interaction with a concrete avatar can still access the public contents on the website.
„People cannot organise festivals similar to Prague Pride to the East of our country. In Moscow, such parades have been banned until 2112 and attendees in neighbouring countries risk attacks from the police or extremists,“ said Czeslaw Walek, the president of Prague Pride.
The main theme of Prague Pride 2014 is also reflected by the festival poster in the style of propaganda posters from the 1950’s and will be visible in several events during the week, such as a debate on LGBT in diplomacy and the Pride Talks, where people from different kind of societies from all over the world will talk about LGBT life in their respective countries.
Overall Prague Pride will provide a week-long cutting edge program, with almost a 100 different kind of cultural and social events, parties, debates and much more. Many of those events are catered especially to tourists and will be held in English. There will be a week-long festival village on the banks of the river, where people can join in various activities, see exhibitions, watch movie screenings, enjoy concerts and get all the information about Prague and its gay community. It will be a place of to meet participants, guests and the organisers of the festival. Other highlights of the program include a concert by the famous British duo the Pet Shop Boys, the election of Mr Bear Czech Republic and the annual Business Forum.
The main event of the week, the Prague Pride Parade, will take place on Saturday 16 August and will start at the world-famous Wenceslas Square. This year more organisations than ever before will participate. The route of the parade will lead through the beautiful historical city centre to Letná Park, where a free concert with several DJ stages and an information fair will be held until late in the evening. The Saturday will conclude with several parties all over town, showing the many facets of Prague’s gay scene.
The full programme will be released at shortly.
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Prague Pride August 2012


Last year the first ever Prague Pride was organized amid political
controversy, when Czech president Václav Klaus openly criticized having a
Pride event in the capital of the Czech Republic. In spite of his
statements the first Prague Pride was an overwhelming success, with more
than 25.000 visitors. The event turned out to be a human rights
manifestation as well as a celebration all over the city, which had a
lasting impression on all those present.

Prague Pride 2012 will be held from 13 to 19 August 2012 on various attractive locations in the Czech capital.

The ambition of the organizing team is to attract an even higher number
of visitors than last year. With 7 days filled with entertainment,
debates, concerts, exhibitions, theatre and more, Prague Pride 2012 will
represent the Czech LGBT+ community in its full colour and diversity.
With Prague Pride still being a relatively new event, it has a fresh
atmosphere of activism combined with fun, which can no longer be found
in many other, more commercial Prides.

The theme of this year festival is “Bringing our colours together”
with the aim to introduce the general public to the LGBT communities
that are usually hidden from the public eye, such as LGBT Roma, disabled
or transgender persons.

The highlight of the festival will be the parade through the
city centre and the consecutive concert at Střelecký Island on Saturday
the 18th of August
. The route of the Parade will
take the participants from the famous Wenceslav square to the beautiful
Střelekcy Island, where a concert will be held with many local and
international stars.

“We want to show the Czech society as well as visitors from abroad
that we will continue to put Prague on the map as Central and Eastern
Europe’s capital of diversity and as one of Europe’s main LGBT travel
destinations.“  the director of the festival Czeslaw Walek says. By
giving Prague Pride 2012 his auspices, the mayor of Prague acknowledges
the significance of its LGBT community, with Prague Pride becoming a
tradition in Europe’s LGBT summer season.

Prague Pride

* Need a Place to stay?   The Temple!

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Holidays, Christmas and New Years in Prague


Christmas in Prague
is a magical time and December is undoubtedly one of the nicest months
of the year in this beautiful city. Christmas markets are up, shop windows are bright and beautiful, Christmas trees adorn the town squares and the early dusk is filled with warm light. People are nicer to each other, the mood is festive. And if all is covered in fresh, white snow, what more can you ask for?

You will see the signs of Christmas approaching as early as October when Czech Christmas ornaments start appearing in shop windows. Around the end of November, Christmas markets open up and a large Christmas tree is erected and lit on the Old Town Square.


The markets start every year four Saturdays before December 24, which is the Christmas Eve, and run until the beginning of January. They are open every day of the week and still they are always busy despite the weather!

Prague Christmas markets are not mainly about the shopping. It is all about the special Christmas atmosphere that is there. The markets offer you not only a great opportunity to buy some unique gifts, but especially the experience of nice traditions that are still alive. They bring the true meaning of Christmas to life.

The markets themselves are  traditional wooden chalets  and they line the market squares and are nicely decorated. You will find there traditional Christmas decorations, holiday items and hand-crafted gifts together
with fresh food and drinks. They are usually open from 9am to 7pm.The most popular markets are on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square where Christmas items are sold in 70 to 80 stands. Smaller ones are located on Namesti Republiky, Havelske Trziste and Namesti Miru. They are all easily accessible by subway.


A Magnificent place to stay right near everything is  HOTEL JEWEL PRAGUE. Originally build as a old bourgeoisie house. Some of the original brickwork from the beginning of 13th century can be found in it’s basement.Over the centuries the house was rebuild many times and therefore many architectural styles can be found here. The gold painted ceiling with the motifs of jewels in the ground floor is very unique and is also heritage listed. This decoration was created at the beginning of the 20th century when a prestigious jeweler come into the building. The repair of the crown jewels of Czech Monarchs was one of his many commissions. Therefore the name – Jewel (U Klenotníka). The whole building was reconstructed and turned into a hotel in 1994. The house kept it’s historical look, but at the same time it is elegantly furnished with modern interior and some art pieces of contemporary artist were installed.

They also offer special packages, like a Wine Appreciaition package, Girls Getaway package,  and  a Romance gift basket. Jewel Café Bar and Restaurant is connected to the hotel. It  will absorb you with its uniqueness and ambient atmosphere. More than 10,000 crystals will attract your eyes. Sense of smell and taste will be satisfied with our fine modern cuisine. Every two months  a new menu is created  by the chefs. Amazing food – reasonably priced. Check availability and book online! Holiday discounts start  NOV. 21st!

Prague is the proud capital of the Czech Republic that is one of the most alluring and captivating destinations in the heart of Europe.  It is beautiful and its culture is quite significant in some ways with the traditions that is totally that of Prague’s. Experience Prague this Winter and Holiday Season!


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Thousands Come Out For Pragues First Gay Pride


Several thousand people marched in the first LGBT Pride parade in the Czech capital Saturday as riot police contained antigay protesters assembled to decry the event.



As Saturday’s march went ahead in light drizzle, riot police held back dozens of far-right extremists who had gathered to shout abusive slogans. But the abuse and moist conditions did not dampen the party atmosphere, as marchers danced to music played from loudspeakers mounted on vans.


The BBC reports on the inaugural Pride march and five-day festival, which took place despite claims from Deputy Chancellor Petr Hajek that Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda should not support “deviant fellow citizens.” Conservative president Vaclav Klaus backed his aide, but 13 countries, including the United States, issued a statement in support of the celebration.

The BBC reports that Some 300 police officers worked the scene to prevent the kind of clashes between participants and counterprotesters that occurred at a Pride march in Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, in 2008.

The march was to culminate in a series of concerts on an island in the Vltava river, as part of a five-day festival comprising some 80 events — concerts, films, seminars, exhibitions and parties — in 30 venues around the capital.

More photos online at  BLESK


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Prague is Still Very Affordable for Most Travelers


 is happening for the first time this week!  Wish we were there….but we were just in Prague in June, and then went over to Budapest Pride. (American Airlines now flies JFK to Budapest. Then we got a small plane to get over to Prague).

It was our third time in Prague and we just love it there. Prague got a lot of bad press this last week as the President of the Czech Republic and Deputy Chancellor made some very negative comments towards the gay community and gay pride.

HOWEVER, Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (Civic Democrats, ODS) said last night he will NOT  withdraw the auspices he granted to the August 13 Prague Pride march of homosexuals!  Kudos  to him!!

“I considered it my duty to secure that the minority’s right to be tolerated did not end in front of the mayor auspices’ gate,” Svoboda added.


 But back to why we love Prague…it’s beauty, it’s people and it’s still a terrific travel value for the US dollar.

The official currency used in Prague, the Czech Republic, is the Czech crown (Kč, CZK). The Czech Republic has slowly been preparing itself for its transition to the euro, which is expected to happen around ….who knows when?! Some rumors say it may never happen. Some countries that have transitioned to the Euro, are not happy they did so.
Nonetheless, it is already common today that many shops and restaurants will accept payment in euros (but the exchange rate is less favorable than in exchange bureaus), or even in U.S. dollars. SO BE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR MONEY TO CZK.

For instance, we saw one sign that said entry was  $10  US or   100 CZK   or  10  Euro. 
10  euro  is about  $14  and   100CZK  is about  $6  in  US.  So  CZK is always the best way to pay.

There are many exchange bureaus in the Czech Republic. Exchange services are of course provided by banks and at most hotel receptions, but the exchange rates are not very good. The best exchange rates are offered by private exchange offices, but you should always compare their current rates and fees that may apply. There are a few  really good ones right in/near Old Town that charge 0%  fee. I feel it is best to take US dollars over there  and exchange them over there.  Your credit card and bank cards WILL  CHARGE fee’s to withdraw and convert the money for you. Chase charges  $14 in fee’s  for every  $300  you withdraw!

 There are so many reasonable places to eat and drink. Especially if you like beer or wine.  Many places offer beer and wine for $2 !  Mixed drinks will cost a lot more. $6-$10  on average.

On this recent trip, we wanted to go somewhere 5 star…a little on the fancy side. Dancing House (Tančící dům) occupies a fine position by the Vltava River. This stunning building, constructed between 1992-1996, is somewhat of a rarity in Prague; a modern, glass building surrounded by historic architecture.

Dancing House has daring, curvy outlines, which led its architects, Vlado Milunc and the American Frank O Gehry, to initially name it the “Astaire & Rogers Building”, after the legendary dance duo.

The top floor of Dancing House is home to one of the city’s leading restaurants, Celeste Restaurant. Diners can enjoy delightful cuisine and magnificent views over the river and up to Prague Castle. You can have a lovely prix fixe lunch there for about $32 US. Dinner Tasting Menus can run $100. Wine here can run $10+ a glass EASILY. But the atmosphere and views are worth it.


One of our favorite restaurants is right in the gay district.  CELEBRITY  CAFE serves up amazing good food for breakfast lunch and dinner.  A swell-elegant gay restaurant in heart of the Vinohrady nightlife district, right next to Club Valentino, Celebrity Cafe (Vinohradska 40, 420 222 511 343) is a wonderful, atmospheric place with a couple of rooms lighted by candle and dim lamps, fun-kitschy faux-leopard walls and chairs, gilt mirrors, cozy round tables, and disco balls – it’s a study in high camp, yet it’s surprisingly cozy and tasteful.  In warm weather they have a great outdoor patio and sit on the street and watch the boys going by.

Two people can eat and drink like a king (or queen) for less than $30US.  Excellent!

 Another favorite spot we LOVE  is  PIZZERIE ROMA UNO  – which is near Alacatraz bar/club. AMAZINGLY good  thin crust pizza and very tasty beef carpaccio. And open 23 hours! (They close for 1 hour) I think this is the ONLY place in Prague serving food and drinks round the clock.  Jagellonska 16, Prague 3 , Tel: 222 714 154
We love it here. And so affordable!

Sauna’s / Bath Houses are very big in Europe, and Prague is no exception. A favorite of our is Sauna Babylonia.  It’s big, it’s clean, it’s nice, people are very friendly. It’s about $12 US  entry fee and they offer a full service bar inside.

Leaving the Sauna one evening, we were hungry and just 2 blocks away found this amazing hidden gem of a restaurant/cafe  called  JEWEL.  Delicious food and great wines. Very reasonable and 5 star presentation.  The aroma’s wafting out into the streets lured us in. We’ll that, and the hunky blonde waiter standing in the doorway!

Jewel Café Bar and Restaurant is  a place that will absorb you with its uniqueness and ambient atmosphere. More than 10,000 crystals will attract your eyes. Sense of smell and taste will be satisfied with modern cuisine. Every two months you can look forward a new menu prepared by their chefs. Similarly, famous cocktails and special collections of Martinis will fulfil your passion for taste.

So on our third meal there we had the opportunity to met the manager Jakub, who gave us a tour of the attached Jewel boutique hotel!  Which we had no idea was even there!

The hotel is situated in historical building and besides the unique design and comfort it also offers a great location – only 1 minute walk to Wenceslas Square and 3 minutes from Old Time Square. With its 11 boutique rooms, Jewel Hotel offers a high-end LUXURY  design accommodation for sophisticated customers. Each room in Jewel Hotel has a unique personal atmosphere. The Café and Restaurant with breakfast service are located on the ground floor.


Jewel – design boutique hotel (U Klenotníka) was originally built as an old bourgeoisie house. Some of the original brickwork from the beginning of 13th century can be found in it’s basement. Over the centuries the house was been rebuilt many times and therefore many architectural styles can be found here.

The gold painted ceiling with the motifs of jewels in the ground floor is very unique and is also heritage listed. This decoration was created at the beginning of the 20th century when a prestigious jeweler come into the building. The repair of the crown jewels of Czech Monarchs was one of his many commissions. Therefore the name – Jewel (U Klenotníka).

The whole building was reconstructed and turned into a hotel in 1994. The house kept it’s historical look, but at the same time it is elegantly furnished with modern interior and some art pieces of contemporary artist were installed. very nice indeed!

On this most recent trip, we stayed with our dear friend Joseph Brewster who owns Club Temple and Hotel Temple. And now Little Temple bar, right next door.  It’s in a great convenient location.  Seifertova 32/3,  130 00  Praha 3. Close to Old Town and close to the gay district, plus lots of hot young gay guys – and straight guys, all over the neighborhood.

Temple is like staying in someone’s home, not a hotel. And it has a  very “old world” feel. Old Europe.  Huge ceilings! (15ft?) and big large windows, which you never see in a hotel.  There is a large community dining room and a TV area and lounge area also for you to enjoy. They offer a selection of suites and standard rooms to match all tastes and budgets. The  friendly and helpful staff are on hand to take care of your every need round the clock, 24/7.

Downstairs is a big nightclub – but you never hear the music in your room, not to worry. Club Temple has superb state of the art sound and lightshow, along with live DJ’s playing a wide variety of music both old and new. The interior is like being inside an ancient stone Temple. Very cool!

The nightclub is open in the evenings, and during the day, there is Little Temple, right next door, where many locals come and have afternoon and early evening drinks.

I love Prague for it’s amazing architecture. In 1992 the historical core of the city covering 866 hectares was listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register.

Prague represents a unique collection of historical monuments dominated by the Prague Castle which towers high above the city. It is a display of all artistic styles and movements.


More than 20 years after the fall of communism and the Velvet Revolution, the popularity of Prague (Praha in Czech) as one of Europe’s premier tourist destinations shows no signs of slowing down. And while it’s no longer the travellers’ bargain it was in earlier days, the Czech capital’s combination of a thrilling history and glorious architectural overachievement remains as compelling as ever. It is still much much cheaper than say London or Paris, both of which are on the Euro!

While the city centre is a mélange of stunning architecture, from Gothic, Renaissance and baroque to neoclassical, art nouveau and cubist, beyond the medieval lanes of the Old Town and the Castle District, there’s an entire other cosmopolitan city to explore. Search out the riverside parks, lively bars and beer gardens, music clubs, museums and art galleries!   The people are nice and welcoming and there are many gay establishments.

There is so much to talk about, we could go on for pages!

More soon!

Prague Tourism  GAY PAGE

Prague Tourism regular pages

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Gay Pride Comes to Prague! August 10-14th


This year Prague will have its first pride festival. The Czech team is confident they will put Prague on the map as Central and Eastern Europe’s capital of diversity, even though Prague is the last capital in the European Union to organise a pride. The organizing team is preparing a programme covering five days of events from August 10th to 14th that will be interesting for all, not just the LGBT community. Everyone is invited to participate in the event.

“We want to show the general public and of course visitors from abroad, Prague can host a complete pride festival. Prague is one of Europe’s main LGBT travel destinations and we are organising a festival the city can be proud of” the organizing team explains. “By now we already know there will be a wide variety of events organized by our many partners.” All of the five days promise to be full of interesting happenings. From corporate workshops on diversity in human resource management to a sports event, theatre performances, exhibitions, cinema, a kids event, guided city tours, disco and circuit parties etc. “It is really great to see organizations and venues from the community, as well as mainstream bars and clubs, really want to make it work. They all plan to organize something interesting to add to the programme” the director of the festival says.

The highlights of the festival are the parade and concert on Saturday the 13th of August. There will be a festive parade through the city centre in the early afternoon. Individuals, companies and organizations will all join the celebration. The route will take the participants to Střelekcy Island where many local and international stars will perform. The line-up is still a secret but we promise it’s impressive. “The parade is new for Prague and we expect about 1500 people to take walk with us, many more people will be interested in the concert and festival venue, where we hope to receive thousands of guests.” the organization tells us.

On the organizers’ PRAGUE PRIDE  and their Facebook profile there is a preliminary overview of the programme; more informations can be found soon.

We highly recommend  –
The Temple  Club and GuestHouse!

or  5 STAR Luxury in Old Town?   Jewel Hotel

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Gay Praha Prague, Czech Republic

I have always wanted to go to Prague!

I thought it was very beautiful and heard it was very gay  and gay friendly.  WOW!  What a great trip! My partner and I were just there last month and we were worried 6 days might be too long. NOT AT ALL. We could have stayed 10 days easily! There is so much to see and do.

Prague is a city of unique and awesome beauty. A wealth of incredible buildings, structures and monuments that span several eras. Architectural forms, ranging from Romanesque and Gothic through Renaissance and Baroque to Art Nouveau, Cubism and Deconstructionist – amazing beauty!

Seeing the city in all its glory requires several FULL days. Awesome structures and locations such as Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Lesser Town Square and Petrin Hill are must-sees. But quarters outside the centre, such as Zizkov and Vinohrady, also have plenty to offer to those interested in sightseeing, dining, and of course there is the amazing beer and a good selection of wines.

The travel group PRAGUE SAINTS arranged our visit. They are a British owned gay-run travel company providing accommodation and tour services for gay visitors to the Czech Republic. And they own a popular local neighborhood bar called THE SAINTS. Prague Saints has been featured  in Lonely Planet, Time Out, Fodors, Let’s go Europe, Prague in your pocket, Out North West, DNA magazine Australia, Guide Mag USA and Sapphic Central!

The gay scene is very big here, with lots of cafes, bars, nightclubs, and several saunas. And the American dollar exchange is great at most places.  Most clubs have no cover and drinks are reasonable.

By Western standards the Czech Republic remains a fairly cheap country. Locally produced food and drink (especially beer) are very good value.  Some tourist-orientated restaurants and bars have sharply increased their prices in the last couple of years but they still remain reasonable when compared to those in more Western capitals.  The one aspect of a visit that can be considered expensive is accommodation.  Hotels in the centre, especially in high season, often charge well over 100 euros per night.  However, there are deals to be had – and Prague Saints can help you.

Despite its membership of the EU, the Czechs have not yet joined the Euro (although plan to do so sometime in the next few years…) and the currency is the crown which hovers around 30 to the pound, 24 to the euro and 22 to the US dollar. (as of July 2008)

The Czech Republic has become a much more liberal and gay-friendly destination in recent years and the Prague gay scene, mainly centred around the Vinohrady area (close to the city centre), is particularly vibrant and accessible. More than half a dozen new bars or clubs have opened up in the last year alone and there are around 25 gay bars, discos and saunas in the city as a whole.



Homosexuality in the Czech Republic is legal and the minimum age of consent is 15. There are no laws concerning tourists with HIV/AIDS. The number of HIV/AIDS sufferers in the country is low. In keeping with the mood of increasing tolerance the Czech parliament recently approved a law allowing gay partnerships.

PRAGUE SAINTS provides a wealth of information on everything about Prague! Be sure to consult their site – and we’ll be covering more of the hot spots we visited, next time!



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Gay Praha Prague

Our Prague trip was amazing fun!

I had  expected it to be a laid back, relaxing trip….let me just tell you, I  saw sunrise on 3 mornings! These boys know how to drink and have a good time!

Wednesdays everyone goes to TERMIX. Popular with both gay men and lesbians, Termix is a newer club with a pop interior. Free admission, comfy seating, and an intimate dance floor make this a great place to pop in and enjoy a social cocktail before or after dinner. Open 8pm to 5am Wednesday through Sunday. – But it is rocking after 11pm  on Wednesdays.   – Trebizskeho 4    
Tel. 222 710 462

Thursdays (and weekends) are especially good at The TEMPLE. Completely redesigned,  renamed and revamped, the former Pinocchio’s appears to have risen a notch in the sophistication stakes.  Temple is inhabited almost exclusively by rent boys and their fans and customers. Lots of fun, and very friendly crowd. – –  We previously did a story about legal male prostitution in Prague. – – Owner Joe Brewster has done a great job with the place and upstairs are beautiful rooms and apartments for rent. manager Alexander (the Great!)  will take care of all of your wants a needs. From taxi service to private city tours. – Sometimes on Sundays afternoons, there is a wonderful brunch going on! Busy after 8pm in the evenings….  Seifertova 3, Prague 3.  Tel: 222 710 773

(By the way, right next door to the TEMPLE is a little Herna Bar – called Monty. They have some casino type machines/slots and a tiny little walk-up bar, and during the day, many hot young – rent – boys will hang out here sipping cola and chatting with people. – I actually won $200 here. Then quickly spent it….)



Saturday nights, VALENTINO is the place to be and be seen! Since opening its doors in late 2005 and swallowing its next door neighbor just a couple of months later, Valentino has risen quickly to become the leading gay venue in the city.  Ideally located on Vinohradska street, the main thoroughfare in gay town, it is also comfortably the biggest place on the scene with three floors, four bars, two dance floors and two darkrooms.  You can easily get lost in here.  Packed and extremely hot and sweaty at the weekend, everyone seems to come here after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.  There are also tables outside in the summer.  No charge to get in. Open 11am til late. (5am?)  Vinohradska 40, Prague 2 Vinohrady. 
Tel: 222 513 491

Feeling sexy? ALCATRAZ was big fun! It is listed as a leather-levi-uniform club. Alcatraz is actually two venues: a typical Czech pub (but with a gay clientèle) and underneath a gay sex club, particularly popular with the more masculine crowd – but a wide variety of people come here for sex and fun.  Although to some eyes the place can seem a bit rough, it is well liked due to its lack of attitude and overall friendliness.  The sex club is well equipped with dark rooms, video cabins and various other specialty rooms.  They have naked parties every Sunday.  There is a modest entrance fee.The pub is open Monday to Saturday from 7pm to 2am.  The sex club opens daily from 10pm to 5am. SUNDAYS  are underwear nightTHURSDAYS are naked night!   –  Check your clothes and the bartender will run a tab for you.  –  Borivojova 58, Praha 3, Zizkov   –  Tel: 222 711 458


24 hour fun can be had at DRAKES.  Bar, boyz, cabins, private dancers, movies – it’s all here! Slings, cages, glory holes….Europe’s biggest dungeon! A bit out of the way location in Smichov on the other side of the river.  But lots of fun.  –   Zborovska 50, Prague 5 Smichov.   

PRAGUE SAINTS  actually booked our trip for us. They are a gay-run travel company providing accommodation and tour services for gay visitors to the Czech Republic.  They offer great rates on Prague hotels, beautiful apartments, private tours of Prague and the Czech Republic and they have their own little bar, The Saints.  The barmen speak English and will be happy to help you navigate the gay life of the city.   –  We found many people in Prague that spoke at least a little English. And there are many business owners who speak English around town. So don’t let the language barrier scare you.  –  The Saints is a nice local neighborhood hangout with lots of regulars and tourists, and you can not help but feel welcomed and make new friends here.   Open daily from 7pm to 4am. 
Polska 32, Prague 2 Vinohrady.  Nearest metro Line A Jiriho z Podebrad; nearest tram No.11 to Vinohradska Trznice.  Tel: 222 250 326 

Food was hit and miss in Prague for us.  However, a regular staple on our trip was CELEBRITY CAFE. This ultra gay friendly split level cafe sits in the heart of the Prague gay quarter and has a large gay following. Great for a drink during the afternoon when most of the other bars are closed.  Full restaurant menu available. Sidewalk cafe in warm weather. GREAT food. Great prices. Great location.

Monday to Thursday 8am to 1am, Fridays 8am to 3am, Saturdays 10am to 3am, Sundays 10am to 1am. 
Vinohradska 40, Prague 2. Tel: 222 511 343

Our favorite became PIZZERIE ROMA UNO  – which was near Alacatraz. AMAZINGLY good  thin crust pizza and very tasty beef carpaccio. And open 23 hours! (They close for 1 hour) I think this is the ONLY place in Prague serving food and drinks round the clock.  Jagellonska 16, Prague 3 , Tel: 222 714 154

And for the view, not the food, you should check out the famous TV TOWER. At least go inside for a cocktail and the amazing sweeping views of the city. Over 200 meters soaring into the clouds, the Tower is a dominant landmark in the city skyline. The architecture is accentuated with  a bizaree yet thought provoking series of huge black infants that adorn the facia of the tower! Kind  of strange…..
Mahlerovy sady 1, Prague 3
Tel.: 242 418 778
Tel.: 242 418 766

Sex is really everywhere in this town –  as most European cites – But if you feel the need for a hot tub  and a little more sex, there are  serveral saunas around town.

Babylonia is a very nice sauna situated on two floors right in the centre of the city. It is the biggest sauna in Prague and also the most popular. They get very busy on Fridays and Saturdays between 5pm and 10pm, however, you can meet people here any time during opening hours. Babylonia offers a dry sauna, steam-room, whirlpool, a couple of chairs for relaxing, a nice bar with friendly staff, a small gym and a number of cubicals and video-room in the basement.  
Open daily 2pm to 3am. Martinska 6, Prague 1.  –  Tel: 224 232 304

Sauna Marco is a nice quiet sauna visited mainly by Czechs. very small, they have a sauna,  steam-room, video cabins, solarium, a small whirlpool and a cozy little bar with a big aquarium. Karel, their cute bartender, is very chatty and you’re likely to get drawn into a conversation with the locals. Marco gets busy on Fridays and Saturdays after 5pm but you’ll meet people there in any late afternoon. We did spot 2 porn stars here! Had lots of fun and the staff was great! Open daily from 2pm to 3am.  Lublanska 1916/17, Prague 2 – New Town. –   Tel: 224 262 833.

Prague was so much fun and so visually exciting, we can’t wait to go back!  David and Paul at Prague Saints are great help!Next time we go, we have to allow time for a  day  excursion over to
Bratislava – the land of the beautiful boys of BEL AMI!  Thanks to everyone who made our trip enjoyable and all the new friends we made – we will see you again soon!

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Welcome to Best Gay Prague!
 If you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know!

This site is dedicated to bringing you fun and exciting photos and the
best gay travel information about exciting LGBT friendly places and gay
events and gay news from around Prague!

We have about a dozen sites around gay information and people from around the world call us for potential advertising opportunities. We sell display ad space, text link advertising, and sponsored posts.

Our pink crown and BEST GAY slogan is becoming a widely-recognized brand in LGBT travel and news. Covering travel information as well as local, national and international news.


 In  2012  we trademarked the name  BEST GAY  and  officially became BEST GAY INC.

Michael Snell

Derrick Sorles


BestGayCities  (at)  gmail dot com

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